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In the market for a reputable tiki hut company in Bokeelia and the surrounding areas? Southern Cross Tikis has you covered. We offer a variety of services, top quality products, and exceptional customer service. No matter what you’re looking for, our expert team is here to serve you. At the end of the day, we hope to leave your home or business with a beautifully authentic tiki hut you’re proud to call your own.
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Our Tiki Hut Services in Bokeelia

Bokeelia is known for its hot temperatures. That’s where our tiki huts come in. If you’re looking for a way to add shade to your property, you can’t go wrong with a Tiki hut. Southern Cross Tikis is pleased to offer a robust lineup of tiki hut services  for homeowners and business owners who are ready to take their outdoor space to the next level. Here’s what you can expect from our wide range of tiki hut services. 

At Southern Cross Tikis, we offer the following tiki hut services:

Tiki Hut Building

Whether your goal is to upgrade your yard or enhance your cafe with a stunning outdoor dining area, Souther Tikis has you covered. Our professional, experienced team designs and builds authentic, quality tikis that are sure to stand the test of type. We use locally sourced cypress, pressure-treated wood, or bamboo and back our work with an industry leading warranty for your peace of mind.


Tiki Hut Repair

We all know that extreme Florida weather can wreak havoc on buildings, homes, and even tiki huts. While our tiki huts are constructed out of the highest quality materials, they still need repairing from time to time. Signs your tiki hut needs repairing include water leaks, physical damage, mildew, rot, or missing panels.

Our team is knowledgeable in repairing poolside tikis, dockside tikis, and commercial tikis for various industries. No matter the extent of your tikis damage, our repair team will bring it back to life at a cost-effective, transparent price.


Tiki Hut Re-thatching

We recommend that you rethatch your Bokeelia tiki hut every 4 to 6 years or so. This way you can keep your hut in optimal shape and protect it from Florida’s extreme weather conditions. While rethatching often gets overlooked by homeowners and businesses, it’s essential if you’d like to extend the lifespan of your hut and ensure it’s safe for your family, guests, and/or customers.


Tiki Hut Fireproofing

The reality is that a fire can arise when you least expect it and take a serious toll on your tiki hut. That’s why our fireproofing services are so important. You can count on us to shield your tiki hut from potential fire damage so that it doesn’t pose a serious safety threat to your property. This is a precautionary service that will truly protect your investment.

Tiki Huts in Bokeelia

Interested in a tiki hut in Bokeelia? Southern Cross Tikis is here for you. We build, repair, and re-thatch a variety of tiki types, such as:

Here is a closer look at the types of tiki huts we work with:

Bokeelia Poolside and Backyard Tiki Huts

Over the years, we’ve built thousands of poolside tiki huts. If you have a pool on your residential or commercial property, a poolside tiki hut can serve as the perfect place to relax in the shade. Plus it can give your backyard a relaxing resort-like vibe. 

Bokeelia Waterside Tiki Huts

If you own a boat or waterfront property, a dockside tiki is ideal. Whether your goal is to create an oasis in your backyard, beautify your boat launch area, or give yourself some shade so you can fish or relax, you can do so with a dockside tiki. 

Hotel & Resort Tiki Huts in Bokeelia

As the owner  of a restaurant, hotel, or other business that could benefit from a beautiful outdoor space, you owe it to yourself to explore our commercial tiki offerings. We design our commercial tikis to meet your unique needs and build them to perfection, with the utmost attention to detail. 

Why Choose Southern Cross Tikis

Here are a few of the reasons why we are the best tiki company in Cape Coral:

Individualized Service

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Our professional team works relentlessly to ensure we exceed your every expectation. You can trust us to build your tiki on time and on budget, and to the highest quality standards. 


20+ Years of Tiki Hut Expertise

Tiki design and construction requires a great deal of creativity and precision. We offer both, thanks to our highly trained, seasoned professionals who have over two decades of experience. 


Individualized Service

We make it a top priority to treat each and every customer as an individual. We’ll get to know your unique needs and turn your custom tiki hut vision into a reality. 


Transparent Pricing

We offer transparent, cost-effective pricing for all our customers. You’ll always know exactly what to expect when you work with us, helping you budget for your tiki project in advance. 


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My tiki hut needed to be re-thatched in SW Cape Coral. I called for an estimate in the morning. At 12:30 pm (same day) Dustin arrived and gave me the estimate. The job was immediately scheduled for the next day and completed in its entirety by 2:30 pm. Awesome how responsive the turn-around was and the overall quality/ craftsmanship looks great!

Grant Harvey

We just had our Tiki Hut redone. We were very happy with Jake and his crew. They were polite, professional and arrived on the morning they said they would. They did a great job and cleaned everything up before leaving. I would highly recommend them!

Kate Lewis

This is my 3rd tiki re-thatch done by Southern Cross Tiki’s. Owner Jake & crew were excellent. Competitive price, beautiful work and excellent clean up afterward…As a seasoned Cape Coral Tiki Hut and homeowner, I can highly recommend them.

Mark Sommers

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