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There is no better place to build a new tiki hut than in the Florida Keys. Our team will build you the perfect Florida Keys tiki hut. 

For someone who loves to escape from chaotic everyday life and get lost in the gorgeous sceneries of mother nature, the Florida Keys is just the right place.

The Florida Keys Island chain is a tourist’s paradise in every way possible. With its turquoise waters, tropical climate, rich flora, fauna, and marine life, it has all one could ask for or maybe more than that.

The Florida Keys consist of more than 800 islands in total making it one of the most numerous island chains. One can visit these islands (though not all of them but the major ones) through an overseas highway that spreads over 113 miles.

The island chain also has one of the largest coral barrier reefs in the world. It accounts for the rich marine life around the Keys and also for the lack of sandy beaches. Most of the Florida Key beaches are not sandy because the coral barrier reef as it hinders the sand deposition.

Though the Florida Keys has a lot of tourist attractions, one thing that cannot be missed is the large underwater Christ of the Abyss statue. This 8-foot-long statue might be one of the most magnificent sights you will experience. This is also a reason that it is a popular diver’s destination. Apart from that, the keys have their own native species of deer. Another destination is the Hemingway house, it is on almost every visitor’s list.

The beauty and charm of the place are further enhanced by the gorgeous tiki huts in places like restaurants and resorts along the shores. These native tikis have absolutely no replacement. They have a certain delight to them that is achieved by the authentic tikis. Southern Cross Tikis has been building such chickee huts for 20 years that are fully licensed & insured.

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My tiki hut needed to be re-thatched in SW Cape Coral. I called for an estimate in the morning. At 12:30 pm (same day) Dustin arrived and gave me the estimate. The job was immediately scheduled for the next day and completed in its entirety by 2:30 pm. Awesome how responsive the turn-around was and the overall quality/ craftsmanship looks great!

Grant Harvey

We just had our Tiki Hut redone. We were very happy with Jake and his crew. They were polite, professional and arrived on the morning they said they would. They did a great job and cleaned everything up before leaving. I would highly recommend them!

Kate Lewis

This is my 3rd tiki re-thatch done by Southern Cross Tiki’s. Owner Jake & crew were excellent. Competitive price, beautiful work and excellent clean up afterward…As a seasoned Cape Coral Tiki Hut and homeowner, I can highly recommend them.

Mark Sommers

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