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Tiki Hut Build in Venice Beach Florida

Venice Beach or Venice Island is a city on the southwestern coast of Florida in the United States. The city is popularly called the “Shark’s Tooth Capital of the World” and also organizes a Shark’s Tooth Festival rejoicing the frequent encounter of people with fossilized shark’s teeth on its shores.

The city of Venice Beach is often called a cultural hub. The sense of pleasure and calm in the aura of the city is unmatchable. Any place gets its unanimity from its people and its individuality from its artists, Venice Beach has both. The artists distinguish themselves from the people because through poetry, music, dance, painting, gastronomy, or take any other art, they have their own separate existence and they are making people feel it. You will never fall short of a souvenir in Venice Beach to take home no matter what your preferences are.

Visiting Venice Beach and not going shark tooth hunting would be considered a crime. Your best bet would be at Caspersen beach. The Snook Haven Park is one of the places Venice Beach is most famous for after shark tooth hunting. The serene place offers you the benefits of both a park and a restaurant at the same place. You can watch the animals or birds or even the water as you have your meal in tranquillity. What more can a person want?

The Snook Haven Park was built a long time ago. However, newer buildings are using the tiki huts or chickee huts to give their places the native touch. Southern Cross Tikis, a Florida-based tiki huts building company, strongly advocates the authentic tikis made from the native cypress to completely transform the look of any outer space. For fully licensed & insured custom tikis, contact Southern Cross Tikis on their website.

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My tiki hut needed to be re-thatched in SW Cape Coral. I called for an estimate in the morning. At 12:30 pm (same day) Dustin arrived and gave me the estimate. The job was immediately scheduled for the next day and completed in its entirety by 2:30 pm. Awesome how responsive the turn-around was and the overall quality/ craftsmanship looks great!

Grant Harvey

We just had our Tiki Hut redone. We were very happy with Jake and his crew. They were polite, professional and arrived on the morning they said they would. They did a great job and cleaned everything up before leaving. I would highly recommend them!

Kate Lewis

This is my 3rd tiki re-thatch done by Southern Cross Tiki’s. Owner Jake & crew were excellent. Competitive price, beautiful work and excellent clean up afterward…As a seasoned Cape Coral Tiki Hut and homeowner, I can highly recommend them.

Mark Sommers

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